Alevtina Verbovetskaya

Woman with short brown hair wearing black-rimmed glasses.

Alevtina Verbovetskaya is the University Web & Mobile Systems Librarian in the Office of Library Services at the City University of New York. In this role, Allie is leading the university-wide implementation of a new library services platform, Ex Libris Alma, that will replace the outdated integrated library system, Ex Libris Aleph, that has been in use at the CUNY Libraries for almost 20 years.

In her 7-year tenure in this position, Allie led the successful implementation of the CUNY Libraries’ discovery tool, OneSearch, before taking over maintenance of it on behalf of the libraries. She also managed the web interface of the CUNY Catalog, including the development of its mobile interface as well as auxiliary features, such as texting holding information to patrons. She created a library systems status page, developed a library access privilege app, and instated patron error reporting tools in the CUNY Libraries’ systems.

Allie has a unique mix of library training coupled with technical know-how. She studied Computer & Information Science at Brooklyn College before going on to obtain her Master’s degree in Library & Information Science from Rutgers University. As such, she is adept at bridging the technical and library aspects of projects, including the communication gap between technical jargon and librarian lingo.

She’s mom to a rambunctious toddler who makes her laugh and partner to a start-up co-founder & C.T.O. who brews her sour beer.

You can email Allie at .