Ta-da! The RefWorks flyer is complete:

RefWorks Flyer

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I’ve been working on this flyer with a designer friend of mine for almost 3 weeks now. It’s gone through several iterations and many edits but it’s finally finished. It’s going to be distributed through the campus-wide listserv and, after I get approval from Student Affairs, I’ll be posting this flyer around campus. I’m also planning on sending individual emails to all the department chairs.

And, actually, I think I’ll be sending emails to all the administrative and service-oriented offices/divisions on campus as well. Because, incidentally enough, while I was writing this blog post, I got a call from a CUNY CAP at the Counseling Center who wanted to know if the library offered the EndNote software. It was a great opportunity to tell her about RefWorks and the workshops I’ll be holding this semester! This makes me think that I’ve been (wrongfully!) targeting just the academic departments. There are so many other people on campus who could benefit from this tool.

By offering 4 workshops throughout the semester at different times of the day, I hope to accommodate everyone’s schedules. That means that I’ll be coming in one Saturday and staying extra late one weeknight. I’m having people register just so I can plan accordingly and not stay until 8 PM just to have no one show up.