When we last met, I gave you a behind-the-scenes look at how four librarians became superstars. In this installment, I show you what the finished product looks like…

Screenshot of the Lehman College Library's video tutorials page

The videos turned out exactly as I had envisioned them and I am incredibly proud of all the work my colleagues and I put into them. The website on which these videos are displayed also allows students to email the videos to themselves for later viewing, which will be crucial at the conclusions of the library’s information literacy workshops.

This project was truly a joint effort. In addition to the staff in the library, I collaborated with the campus Multimedia Center to record the videos and with the college IT Division to create the website and mail form. I feel extremely grateful to have gotten the opportunity to work cooperatively with these talented folks across the Lehman College campus.

I am no longer the Instructional Technologies Librarian at Lehman College but I am still on board as an adjunct. (I am also an adjunct in the library at City Tech.) I will no longer be contributing to this or the webcomic project but I am excited to see these tutorials grow and evolve. They’re like my children and this is akin to watching them grow up. It’s bittersweet.